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The Importance of a Home Foundation


In the most basic terms, the foundation serves as the anchor for the remainder of the house. If your foundation is not firm, it will be unable to withstand the stress of shifting ground and water over time, potentially resulting in structural damage to the majority of your home. When you engage with Construction Services of Indpls, you can be confident that your home remodeling will be exactly what you envisioned.

While there are many different types of foundations for homes, here are the most typical ones suggested by our general contractors in Indiana.

  • Concrete Slab Foundations
    Probably the most common type of foundation in construction services, slab foundations are usually about four to eight inches and do best in warmer climates where the ground may not freeze and thaw.
  • Cinder Block Foundations
    Cinder block foundations use fabricated concrete blocks that are easily placed and stacked to form a home’s foundation. Block foundations can hold more weight of the home due to their solid construction but can be susceptible to problems if not properly installed.
  • Stone Foundations
    Stone foundations use large stones that are cemented together. If these foundations are not fully waterproofed, they can deteriorate over time and cause damage to the home through cracking or moisture intrusion.
  • Wood Foundations
    Wood foundations use treated wood for mold, fungus, and a variety of pests. This type of foundation is more expensive to build but provides home protection from the cold over concrete versions.

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