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  1. We had actually called another company to redo our roof, but when John came out to give us an estimate on our bathroom window project, we mentioned the roof as well. We didn’t even know that they did roofing of any type. They were able to match the quote we had gotten from the roofing company, but they were able to do the work right away, whereas the other company had us on a long waiting list and had not even gotten back with us to schedule the job one week after we accepted their contract. Overall, we think that CSI did good work and we liked that they were available to start the projects so soon.

    Our only complaints would be that they did have a little trouble communicating with us initially and it took a little bit to get contact information sorted out. But as I mentioned, it was still faster than going with the other company. It would also be nice if they were set up for taking credit card payments also, because we often like to spread out the payment of those size jobs.

  2. They were extremely tidy and considerate of my home while completing their work, which was much appreciated. The floor was ready to go when they left!

  3. John Whitmoyer got out to look at the job, scheduling a visit the day following the call. We discussed options for the repair and long term needs for the bathroom. I evaluated the recommendations and notified Mr. Whitmoyer of just what I wanted. We agreed on a contract and work was scheduled to begin within only a few days of acceptance of the proposal. The job time was estimated at about a week and that is how long it took to complete. Workers were mindful of my home, putting drop cloths down each day from the door to the bathroom. They were very personable as well, each day explaining the day’s work prior to leaving and the next step of the way. I had tile experts, plumber, and electrician involved in this job. When complete, I needed an adjustment in the plumbing and called Mr. Whitmoyer, who had someone out to customize the adjustment in the plumbing as requested within a few hours.

  4. John came out Monday and we had agreed to give him our garage door opener so they (John & Assoc) could work on the project while we were at work. A day later I found out the shower was leaking real bad too. John explained that the previous owner had done the shower plumbing wrong and he knew how to fix it. He promised that when he was done the whole bathroom would never leak again and would look very nice.. We discussed with him remodeling this bathroom too-new sink-new toilet, new flooring and redone shower with tile on the walls. The old shower only had drywall. Everyday Johns crew came and did their work and left the garage picked up and clean when they were through. In the evening when I was home I would call John to ask questions and he always answered the phone and never put me off. At one point it was discovered that our hot/cold water turnoffs were worn (John & his team did not install these, they were already there) and causing some leaking in the unfinished shower and John sent somebody right over to look into it. The leak was stopped and they repaired these too to ensure the bathroom stayed leakproof. We discussed tile on the floor and on the walls in the shower and we decided to go with this. The plumbing in the concrete leak John discovered was caused from a nail that had got buried too and was causing a condition called electrolysis. They repaired all the leaks, (replaced the plumbing) and since it turned out we had more problems than we thought it took a little longer but they were thorough and very diligent. The tile was done impeccably and looked beautiful. Everything was installed right and the leaks were gone. John and his team tested it several times to make sure it was right. I tested it too and no leaks. They also threw in a new door and stained it too since the old one had non repairable marks on it. There was a marble ledge at the entrance to the shower. They had installed white molding at the bottom of the walls, and when they were done they painted the bathroom with a color we desired. We got a beautiful ceramic white pedestal sink and a new toilet. The floor on the shower was new too. The tile was very high grade tile on the floor outside the shower and they installed a ceramic soap dish and a marble shelf in the shower wall for shampoo and such. This turned out to be about a $12500 bathroom remodel but John worked with us on the price per what we could afford and we basically got it for half price. When they were done with the job (it took about 2 weeks), they promptly returned our garage door opener to us, which was a Sat. The following week they called after they were through and had already received payment and wanted to make sure there was nothing else we needed and if all was well with the job. John cares about striving in excellence and cares about keeping his customers happy. They are a company you can trust and count on. I would highly recommend him and his company.


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