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  1. I needed some repair work and the bathroom remodeling done. I was drawn to this company due to all the positive reviews and had a chance to work with Oscar Short Version: A++, went ABOVE expectations, very satisfied and would recommend to everyone Longer Version: For my job, I work with different contractors EVERY day, so I know who’s good and who’s not. I had some water damage around the house that needed to be repaired and I decided to take the opportunity to do some remodeling also. I also travel a lot for my job so it was difficult for me to check on the progress, but Oscar made sure he kept me posted on everything, which I was very appreciative of. Work I got done: repainting several rooms, bathroom tiles, double vanity, countertop, toilet and switched several lights to recessed lights His attention to detail is superb and he values the customer’s satisfaction above all else and it truly shows in his workmenship (I personally was really really impressed with the tile work). I would absolutely recommend Oscar to anyone who has some remodeling needs. He makes sure the customer gets what they want, but for people who lacks a little creativity (such as myself….) he helps along the way and providing very good suggestions. I just paid off my remaining balance for this job, but just requested another estimate to get more work done around the house. Call the company and ask for Oscar!

  2. Oscar Moran is a very meticulous person making sure every area of the job is done properly and to my approval. He explained everything in detail to make sure I understood what and how everything was being installed. He was a pleasure to work with!

  3. Oscar was spectacular to work with. He was very responsive from the get-go and up front with his schedule and plan of work for our project. Oscar removed the existing tile from our bathroom floor, shower walls, and half wall of our entire bathroom in our 1920’s bungalow. He replaced all the tile and cleared up any issues that he came across – including our rotting subfloor that we didn’t know about. All in all, Oscar was very easy to work with. Another added bonus, our dogs loved him!

  4. It went remarkably well. Our contractor, Oscar Moran was extremely professional and his work was excellent. Oscar listened carefully to our requests and explained the entire process very clearly. There were no surprises on pricing or work to be performed. As demolition began, Oscar discovered some additional work would be needed and he took care of it promptly. As part of the job, Oscar was to install new exhaust fans in both of our upstairs bathrooms. He soon discovered that the fans exhausted into the attic. Oscar took the time to properly vent these fans to the outside. Oscar always made sure to allow time to clean up as much as possible every day. He kept the mess to a minimum and it was greatly appreciated. He is a true professional, the best I have ever worked with.

  5. I am so incredibly happy with Oscar’s work. From the moment we met, I knew we would hire him for the job. He’s super nice, easy to work with and really upfront with information. We can’t wait to hire him to do work on our kitchen/laundry/half bath soon.


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